Undeliverable Packages?

Packages that are returned back to us after being shipped are considered non-deliverable.

These may not be deliverable for one of many reasons, including but not limited to: incorrect address, incorrect name, no one available at the address to accept the package, refusal to accept without any reason, etc. These packages are then sent back to our location. In order to re-ship the package, we will need to collect the full shipping charges for shipping the item. These charges include the fee to have the item returned back to us and the fees to re-ship the package.


Beyond Boarders?

International orders including orders to the United States. 

Customs duties, brokerage fees and local taxes may apply to your purchase once it enters your country. You are responsible for paying these charges. We can not estimate what the additional charges may be, please contact your country’s local customs department in regards to this.


Can you take it back?

…But would rather not have to  😛 


To return your items:

  1. Please review the Returns Policy before requesting a return, basically we don’t want to smell what you were doing last Friday….we can’t go through that again.
  2. Contact ReckGear: Returns to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Please indicate if you want a replacement or a refund.
  3. Write the RMA number in a conspicuous place on the outside of the return parcel in marker or print the email and affix it on a visible part of the box.

Once Processed, you will see the return once we recycle the bottles we purchased with it….or maybe we can get the bank to send it back to you. Whichever is quickest at the time.

My Stuff

How does my stuff arrive?

We use the finest delivery pigeon that stock feed can afford us. They are well taken care of and live lavishly when off duty. We even know each of their names and families.

Shipping Location

All items are shipped from our Canadian fulfillment center located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. 

Processing Times

Be advised that once you have received your purchase order email, indicating the included items in the order, this does not guarantee that all items are currently in stock. In certain cases multiple items will require multiple shipments, however, during such circumstances, we will provide the delivery pigeon with more feed to do a second trip. Any pending charges that may exist for items that are unable to be fulfilled will be dropped once the order has been processed. A tracking number is available and usually will be provided in your order confirmation email. Please contact us should you not receive any tracking number or purchase order number within 48hrs of purchase.

Any arrival time given on the website is an estimate based on our past experience with other similar clients. There are numerous factors that are involved in shipping the item to your location, due to this we can not guarantee an exact arrival time for your package. We are also not responsible for any delays in shipping as a result of pigeons going awol or otherwise being distracted. This also includes any postal strikes or ongoing disputes, we are not mediators and I don’t think they take bribes.

*Additional fees may be required to remote areas of North America, or you know you could just come back to society and make it easier on all of us. We will adjust as required.

Getting your Gear – Shipment packaging

Shipping fees included handling, packaging and postage costs. Handling and Packing fees are generally fixed, while postage may see an increase or decrease as this will be out of our hands to determined as time goes. Unfortunately, delivery trucks don’t run on the Reckless spirit, but one day we may change that. We strongly advise that you group entire orders into one purchase. We will not be able to accommodate requests to combine two separate orders and will incur multiple shipping fees to complete. All packaging will leave our fulfillment center in the highest of quality and standards, however, you do assume the risk of ordering online products that accidents or lost items will arise. If any such incident happens please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not make any guarantees for any order, but we are customers as well and will help to the best of our ability.


How can I keep it fresh?

Follow these tips for your garments and it should be like opening a gift each time:

  • Wash inside out with cold water and similar colours on gentle
  • Tumble Dry low (Hang-Dry preferred)
  • When ironing is needed, please iron inside-out on a relatively low setting.
  • Avoid using bleach or other additive chemicals and leave the dry-cleaning for your formals (We don’t expect to see this in a wedding…..yet)
  • Fold or hang immediately out of the dryer to avoid excessive iron use. Even though every piece of clothing is cured after the high quality screen process, we want to keep the ironing to a minimum. (there should never be an issue, but mama told us to fold our clothes after the dryer is finished anyway.)
  • Wear your ReckGear clothing morning, noon and night it’s a great way to embody the Reckless spirit all year long. Always Remember to share your epic adventure with us.

Spam in emails?

Simple, No! 


ReckGear does not sell or otherwise distribute to third parties your email address or other personal information collected through this website, except with your permission. We will only send you periodic emails about the latest blog posts, products and anything ReckGear related.


Location, Location, Loca...

A local brand means sourcing locally so all Gear is hand printed and worked on in Toronto, Canada.

ReckGear will always look to support the home turf, not only does it give us the home-field advantage, but it also means we are supporting what we can get next door. Strides are taken to keep as much of the process within the city when possible while still maintaining high quality and meeting demands. It’s not easy but we see that the big boys care more about the bottom line than they do the area they are located in, so ReckGear will find a way to do it right in our backyard. Toronto has a lot going for it, and to look elsewhere just doesn’t make any sense when you have the talent and work here.


Great Power - Responsible

The environment is our playground to do Something Different. We need to do our part.

Along with ensuring great quality garments that last. It is also important to me that we maintain our social responsibility for a better planet. ReckGear is a small company but there is still a responsibility to ensure ethically sourced products as a pledge I owe to you and the world.

Choosing an Eco-friendly host that cares as much about the environment as it does about the servers and reliability is important. Cutting corners is not a compromise I am willing to take within our brand ideology and neither should a mediocre hosting service. Enter GreenGeeks for the great service, consistent uptime and dedication to the environment, not only in how it uses it’s powered but also in how it gives back to sustain longevity and eco-friendly manageability. They provide a fast, reliable and tree-friendly solution that gives back 300% of what it uses back into the environment. It’s a great initiative that makes me proud to show what powers ReckGear.

for more info on the environmental impact of the site…

300% green seal


Need a Support Mage?

Every great raid needs a support, and every great shopper deserves great service. It’s a promise to:

  • provide high-quality apparel and designs to all customers
  • provide unique and inspiring styles to meet your Reckless style
  • Exceed your expectations in demand and Service
  • Never forget why we started doing what we do!

Did we do a bad job with the FAQs and still have questions, or just want to know where to send treats and goodies? Contact Us and share what’s on your mind.