Gear with Ethics

When choosing apparel and accessories, one of the top priorities along with quality and pricing is how the products are sourced. Many big corporations believe in the bottom line and minimal manufacturing costs at the expense of workers condition, wages and environmental impact. As part of the ReckGear brand statement sourcing products from high quality, ethical, sweat-free workshops is the consideration that takes precedence over all. The support in fair wages, working conditions and ethical practice is what I believe is the most sustainable way to provide a service and is our duty to allow customers to also make a conscious decision.

Clothing Manufactures currently sourced from:

Cotton Best: A local brand to choose from, this is a family run company that has been around for the last 20years. With a warehouse in Toronto, Canada, they utilize cutting edge technology producing high-quality apparel. They also maintain exclusive plants worldwide that monitors the quality and ethics of production. Supporting local is a huge deal for ReckGear, and being able to find something as high quality and within the neighbouring areas is something to be proud of.

Next Level: Runs a number of Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production-certified factories around the world. A leader and innovative company their fabric is of high quality and incredibly soft material with a great value of the product. They are committed to the highest of standards in all aspects of their business following the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) testing standards. In addition to being sweatshop and child labour free, as a ReckGear costomer, you can rest assured that they take social responsibility to the next level in everything they do. You can read more here.

Bella + Canvas: US production plants receive platinum accreditation from the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP). This carries high standards for human resources management, health and safety standards, environmental and eco-friendly practices, and legal compliance including import and export customs. A video on their practices can be view here