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Born out of Toronto, Being Reckless has followed its own trends of adventures and opportunities. If you just #DareTobeReckless there is no telling what memories will come next.

It is this mentality and vision that has shaped many great moments for myself. Some of which include, but not limited to, a golf cart rolling down a hill…ye, that happened.

#RecklessSummer has a lasting impression on those that dare. And since early Summer 2013 it has been the building blocks to good times.

This was when a couple of dudes decided doing Something Different was going to be the way to live. We went to new festivals, jumped up in different parties and explored new places; If it looked fun, we did it.

And if you want to do it too you either Hop On or Hop off. There is no time to wait on those that stick around, becoming all stagnant and s#!T.

Eventually I will host some events that that show the best parts of the city. I also have a blog, that you can say is R-Blog, and there you can read about interesting things to do, drink and see; as well as things I think.

Aside from the run around sometimes one needs to kick back and enjoy a few *a lot* of games. I love where gaming has come from and the direction that it is going.

Between that of the Capcom Cup, HCS, LCS and the new Overwatch League, it is becoming much more prevalent and you can’t escape hearing about it.

Stick around long enough, and you’ll see ReckPro Gaming take off into its own life with designs and featured tournaments.

Working with local talent and businesses is important and there’s no better way to represent your city. Likewise striving to maintain a responsible footprint is just common sense. ReckGear holds a high standards of quality and ethics in all of the products.

There is no intention of saving a few bucks by cutting corners. And when I spend my money I hope for quality assurance, so of course you should receive it as well.

Now for the marketing….There is little of it. Funding a marketing budget isn’t desireable by anyone, especially you. And charging for it is not my idea of fun, plus that’s extra work. This mindset allows for a very minimal marketing budget, and you will only find R-Gear products online.

However, Sharing the brand online is a good way to say you support this. So Live it, capture it, share it and be sure to tag #DareTobeReckless. It’s time we all be apart of the Reckless Summer mindset.

Rather gaming or on a new experience I personally wish you live the best Reckless life you can. Let us live this one out together, Boom!

“Be who you needed to be when you were younger”
– Ice Cream Dreams